Jennifer Lawrence's Cheeks

by Mike Writes

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For Jennifer Lawrence's Cheeks


Lyrics (with minimal punctuation b/c fuck it that's how I write lyrics)

I wake up, write some shit to the hardest of beats
Drink liquor and fall asleep on Jennifer Lawrence’s cheeks
Do this all through the week, might nightcrawl through the streets
My girl says I keep switching on her; she calls me Mystique
Take a walk on the beach, cough on a mountain of dro
‘Til it alters our speech, we’re talking like Tommy Wiseau
Oh hi Mike, I already ordered a pizza
Ain't no room for these marks; I tear ‘em apart like Lisa
Rap Prince in some assless leather jeans
I’m what happens when you strap a black dick on Katniss Everdeen
I watched your last clip, wackest ever seen
They should name your rap clique Catpiss Neverclean
Because--I shouldn’t have to explain it
You’ll probably like these next two bars of vulgar entertainment
The girl I’m dating kissed between my scrotum and my anus
And since that day I feel that our relationship’s been tainted

I do this rap shit for
Throw your hands up for
We gettin’ money like
We in the hood like

I moved into a brand new apartment this week
Right at 123 Jennifer Lawrence’s Cheeks
Do not call me a geek just ‘cause I’m smart with the words
Please do not call me a nerd ‘cause I don’t talk to the streets
Couldn’t care less about your urinating contests
Screw that, this new rap’s as Freudian as mom sex
I use that webcam on your stepdad’s computer
To Ustream my threesome w/ Jenni and Bradley Cooper
You better get Swayze, little cub scout
They say insane ‘cause I’m thinking way outside the bum’s house
Step on stage, watch all the ladies in the club shout
Kevin Ware’s leg, the crowd goes crazy when I come out
I ain’t Drake, but you can thank me later
I’d say fuck 'em, but I don’t have any haters
I carved this song in toilet paper with a pink razor
My best ideas hit me while I’m shitting, Hank Schrader


released April 20, 2013
Produced by John Mark Horst



all rights reserved


Mike Writes Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Winona Writer

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